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Partnership Opportunities

Click here to apply to become a partner!

Over the last 15 years Liquid NRG has been dedicated to offering an exceptional level of customer service, and in return we’ve built a loyal client base.   A lot of our new clients are referrals.  The liquid NRG partnership program will be based on referral model.

How it works.

Before considering becoming  a partner you need to ask yourself

  1. Do I have a network of 10 or more people that use supplements ?
  2. Am I part of an industry which uses supplements.?


Currently our partnerships mainly consist of personal trainers, athletes, and workout enthusiasts.  If you believe you are cut out to be a partner, then click on the link below and submit the form.  Your application will be reviewed, pending approval.  If accepted, you will receive a confirmation email providing you with all the details. 

What’s in it for me?

I’m sure this question crossed your mind.  If accepted, you will receive a promo code assigned to your profile. The incentive for your customers using your promo code will be a percentage discount at the checkout.  So by inputting your promo code # in the field at the checkout screen, your customers will receive an additional 5% discount.  You as the partner will be able to view all orders associated to your promo code by simply logging in to your profile using your username and password.  The more orders placed by your customers the more Dollars you will accumulate.  With these dollars you can purchase products from liquid NRG and also receive free gifts.  It’s a win, win situation.  There’s no work involved and all you have to do is hand out the liquid NRG promo cards to your contacts.  The cards will contain your special promo code # on it and will be shipped to you upon approval. 

We look forward to building a strong relationship with our partners and continue to provide exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.

Click here to apply to become a partner!


The Liquid NRG Team.

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